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Creating the Mood

I had the honor of going to see a client this week to create some imaging for a web promo campaign. We had two models, to photographers and one (PA) on site to make things happen. It was a quick shoot because the boutique was still open for business. It's 'super' important to forward think by working backwards. Whenever trying to create the right look for a shoot or design etc., I always think about what I'm goin to end up using it for. That way I can determine how much or little I need to pull things together conceptually. We had to catch a vision extemely quick and move out! We created an actual set from some left over display pieces and created 2 themes I deem worthy of ad showcasing. Within 2hrs we orchestrated some pretty awesome pieces for the upcoming campaign. Check out some of the elements in our 'folio' section.

HX Pro

Behind the scenes

Over the years the production space has found an intrinsic value in behind the scenes content. Let’s face it, everyone like to see you with your hair down. It makes you more relatable. When creating your campaign, depending on your audience, building a rapport through unpolished footage with the right positioning can do some pretty amazing things.
It can cause people to want to know more about you, follow you or even support your cause. Sometime showcasing the work behind the scenes can make an upfront impression.


Forward Productions

Capturing the moment

It’s really amazing when you’re able to create content elements out of organic experiences. We recently shot some footage at ICON studios in Atlanta with DCamp Recording artist, Josh Waters. We set up just in time to catch the young artist and his writers trying to work out a part of his upcoming project. In the midst of all the creative ‘Juices’ we began to capture the process and very natural atmosphere with the producers, engineers and roadies! Good stuff.
Note to self,  ‘organic’ content can in many ways be easier to digest especially when properly set  an innovative marketing mix.



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